Meg O'Connell Scholars Program

The Meg O’Connell Scholars and Mentors program supports the establishment of ten annual awards to first-generation students pursuing a degree or certificate program at OCC. Preference will be given to students from Onondaga County who show an interest in social justice, community impact and/or community leadership. Students will receive a $1,000 award in each of the fall and spring semesters for two years of full-time study, to be used for non-tuition needs such as transportation, childcare, books, living expenses, food, rent, etc.

Anticipated Total

Anticipated total amount over the full term of this award.


Supplemental Questions
  1. The O'Connell Scholars Program through the Social Justice & Community Impact Center selects 10 first-generation students enrolled at OCC who have a desire to serve our community and want to work to make it a more just place. Our scholars will engage with community organizations that are aligned with their interests to make a positive impact through volunteer services, research, activism, or internships. With the help of our faculty, each scholar will create an individual social justice/ impact action plan that will be completed by the end of the semester. This program is open to all majors. If you have a desire to serve and make a difference in our community, please consider applying.
  2. Please write a brief essay to show your interest in the Meg O'Connell Scholars Program. Be sure to explain what social justice means to you and your interest in social justice, community impact and/or community leadership.
  3. Have you worked or volunteered for a community organization? If yes, please describe the organization and your role.